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Dancing CEOs is an annual gala event held in Brisbane that supports the work of Women’s Legal Service in delivering free legal and welfare assistance to Queensland women and their children affected by domestic violence. 

Dancing CEOs generates awareness about domestic violence, and much needed funds. Each year the Service helps over 3,200 women – but resource constraints mean that another 16,000 women who attempt to contact the Service remain unassisted, so the money raised by the intrepid CEOs who sign up is crucial in ensuring QLD women receive the help they need.

Cathie was asked to participate in the inaugural Dancing CEOs event in 2014. The invitation hit a personal chord for Stuart & Cathie, with a former Epic Pharmacy team member having tragically lost her life at the hands of her partner several years ago, so Cathie soon put any reservations out of her mind, stepped right out of her comfort zone and said yes.

In 2016, Mark Middleton, CEO of Icon Group – which incorporates Radiation Oncology Centres (ROC), Icon Cancer Care, Epic Pharmacy and Slade Health – dance away to a rock tribute and raised over $28,000 in support of the cause. Since then, Icon Group has committed to ongoing sponsorship of the annual event.

Cathie was also inducted into the Dancing CEOs Hall of Fame in 2016.

Media Information

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