Ringwood Cricket Club

To build on the relationship the Epic Good Foundation has with the Ringwood Cricket Club (RCC) through the Giles Foster Scholarship, we took great pleasure in announcing a new partnership with the Club in 2016. The three-year partnership will focus on developing cricketing opportunities within the Aboriginal community in Victoria.

The pairing of RCC with Epic Good will see the Club establish a formal arrangement with Worawa Aboriginal College in Healesville. The College provides a holistic education and boarding experience for young Aboriginal women in the middle years of schooling. The initial goal of the partnership between Epic Good and RCC is to deliver a program to the students who have expressed an interest in learning more about the great game of cricket.

The partnership also commits RCC to assist in developing a fundraising strategy with Epic Good to help raise funds for future work in the local community beyond the three years they are currently committed to.

Media release:  Ringwood takes the Epic Good Game of Cricket to Aboriginal Students


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