About Us

Epic Good brings together the portfolio of philanthropic activities that the Epic Pharmacy Group, Stuart Giles, Cathie Reid and their children are involved with.

One of the benefits of success in business is that it provides an ability to support other organisations who are focused on improving the world and societies that we live in. Philanthropy is something that we are very passionate about and feel a real sense of obligation to pay that success forward into a range of activities and causes, all of which have hit a chord to engage us in some way.

Epic Good is about supporting greater health outcomes for all Australians with a particular goal of seeing a balance of gender equity and assisting in Closing the Gap in Indigenous health. The range of organisations Epic Good supports is diverse, but the common thread linking them is each has been able to engage us in a way that sees us want to add value above and beyond just writing a cheque. Successful entrepreneurship requires so much more than just a desire to make money, it takes passion and a strong sense of purpose, and we view our philanthropic activities as requiring a similar commitment and focus.

The Epic Good Foundation’s board consists of Heather Watson (Chair) and directors Cathie Reid and Andrew Reid. The Foundation is managed by Dr. Anita Heiss, author and Lifetime Ambassador of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Anita brings a wealth of experience in the community sector including ties to the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy and Worawa Aboriginal College.



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